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New Bengali Short film 2017 প্রাক্তন PRAKTAN ' Beautiful Entertainment full Movie Bangla short 2017

On 05 February 2018

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    Durasi: 12:24 | View: 11658124
    Source: YouTube.com/watch?v=6J7LqpJtrnM
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    Indian Short Film Bengali Short Film Shooting / Video Recording : Canon DSLR EOS 5D Mark III Camera FULL HD 1080p NEW MOVIE ✑ New Movie / Film : প্রাক্তন / प्रकटन / अतीत काल / PRAKTAN / Past / አጭር ፊልም ያለፈ - Fantastic Love Story ✑ Camera : Sadananda Biswas ✑ Editing & Direction : Prabir Das Banty ✑ Assistant Director : Shambhu Saha ✑ Background Music and Audio Recording : Samares Biswas (AV Digitech) ✑ Singer ( Song ) : Ramkanai Das - Baul & Arpan Roy ✑ Vocal - Voice Dubbing : Debasish Bag & Riya Chakraborty ✑ Shooting / Video Recording : Nikon DSLR Video Recording HD 1080p Digital Camera ✑ Script Writer: Neha Das ✑ Suiting Place : Guptipara , Hooghly , West Bengal ✑ Special Thanks : Rupankar Das , Kajal Biswas, Anup Sarkar,Babu Ballabh, Neha Das , Prayshi Das ✑ Presents By ( Produced by ) : SR PRODUCTION 2016 ✑ Credits on : M. C. ✑ Production House : SR PRODUCTION 2016 : one-time Love Story : This Bengali story is one, old love comes back in another form. Love is not only kandaya, but sometimes love pants. But it's love that .... Prem Sudhu kaday E Na Kichu somoy prem jontona dey . kintu eata kemon prem je .... jante puro Watch thes Video.... Julie 2 Me - My New upcoming Hindi Short Movie ... ✑ Watch More Videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjpUkUtVktG86L9qwWFe_mxfAiBoXKN1o --- What are you calling ? Neha? Right yes, please Come in. Why so early? How long Would it work? 1 hour? Or all night? Whole night Naughty boy .. Should pay more for the night? How much pay? 10000/- Alright No I said before money ok Here's the whole money. OK Tell Me What To Do ? Anything .. Meaning ? You are experienced, you say What Should We do. Tell me what to do with you? Come on here I will love to embrace i am a prosttitute , not your wife that you'll love. Why can't anyone love you? Why anybody love? You are very good girl. Beautiful see. Everyone will love iam just prostitute.i am not anybody wife or daughter. Someone loves me? Sorry Rishika . Neha .. Sorry i Should Have not said it Sorry, Talking this way not should Then I'll open the clothes? Or will you open ? Drink ? Meaning I drink whiskey. You drink something ? What? You drink now? But You... Just Be The Prostitute you are, Dont try to Be My Wife.. Music Who's Rishika? Hmm? Rishika? My Wife. ( You Are Married ? Does your wife see the beauty? Do you call your wife Rishka? ) No .. Then? wife What is your wife beautiful? Why Do You ask Me ? Just like that. Are You jealous ? your wife jealous? your wife Knowing about me. How long are you doing this job ? one Years. Were you also off in your childhood or you Wre found in some garbag Which led you to Here ? Where? In This Profession. Ohh.. No So what is your story? Whose story do you know? I have seen many movies.Do they have some stories? No, I do Not Have Any Story . Song : Love comes once in life. .. So your wife knows what will happen to you? I do not know. Why? He does not feel bad?You are with me Have you evr been Married? Mean? I am married. Still doing these? Are You Going to do Anything or not Have you ever been on trip to any place? Are We Going To Wander off Now? no, i was just Well I Have Been. I Went on a School Trip once, Though, leave it Do not say why not stop We All Went to the BOPLUR , All of us, from the School. All Who? Ohh, you are inquiring about My Friends. We Were a groyp of Five - me,Sraj,mitali,mamoni And Samares. on That day, i was pretty sure that Samaresh would propose me. He Ate one and a half Tiffin out of my Tiffin and forced me to eat least half I'm terribly afraid that I do not feel fat? After Having The Water I Handed Him The Bottle and he drank from it. i was so Happy.. so Happy.. Suddenly Sanorash Came to me and said, Rishika i love you. Rishika is my wife. You are Neha .. Neha .. We Had A Relationship of six Years. I used to love you very much But you Was not settle Enough os my parents.. I got married elsewhere. . Sorry . Sorry Samorash .. i lov you Rishika i lov you Samorash If you subscribe to my channel to see more videos of some. Please Like, Share , Comment & subscribe to my channel

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